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Loey and Company was originally started in 2002. Then came a wonderful family and a change in priorities (you understand:). We were sorry to put it aside for a while. But the enthusiasm and love ❤️ for custom t-shirts never left us!

We just love to help our customers see their ideas/designs become real! And then wear them proudly. So we re-launched in 2015. Technology allowed us to capture a whole new customer base. And we feel so fortunate. We are also so proud to launch our private designs on our website! Take a look, buy a t-shirt, send us your ideas and your business - let us know how we can help you put your ideas on apparel. Thanks for stopping by,... we are glad you did!

🇺🇸 And our military personnel and their families are very important to us. We are so grateful for your service and all the families who support our troops. 🇺🇸

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